Ever just have one of those days? Chances are we all have. Maybe today is one of those days—when the car won’t start; the train is late; the coffee spilled. Typical reactions to days like these include, “Why today? Why me?,” perhaps followed by a projection of negativity toward others.

We cannot deny that we all lead hectic and dedicated lives. However, remembering our human connection is vital in replenishing the love we have for people. Through her extensively researched and detailed work, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel has found the most indispensable link between love for people and its practicality in real world application. Her captivating work is geared toward ultimate success, not only in work but also in play, to fully ensure a more tender consideration for human nature.

Communication is one of the most lucrative tools in any relationship and is at the forefront of Robyn’s work in the United States and beyond. In her native home of Australia, Robyn facilitated English as a Second Language (ESL) sessions for adult immigrants. Learning quickly transcended beyond the classroom in order to inspire individuals to lead more fulfilled and empowered lives.

Robyn continued her quest by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior, and 15 years ago found herself in the United States as a pioneer of Appreciative Inquiry, a way to analyze and create strategic change.

In her TEDxNavesink talk from last year titled, “Playful Inquiry—Try This Anywhere,” Robyn explained not only her leadership in organizing “executive retreats with Google…and global conferences and community events in Jersey City and work with local businesses and kids,” but also vividly described her encounters with cab drivers in New York City and Washington, D.C. Most people dread their commute and may consider public transportation merely a means of getting from point A to point B. As a rebuttal to this, Robyn has utilized one of the most dynamic and underused phrases: “What is the best thing that’s happened to you today?”

Robyn’s journey has created a way for individuals to connect, not only on a corporate scale, but also on an intimate and personalized one. A relationship, as found by Robyn and so many others who have enjoyed life-changing success in positive inquiry, can be built on a simple and inquisitive question, able to transcend a busy schedule to better foster understanding, connection, creativity, openness, and experience.

Want to listen to Robyn’s podcast and see more of her work on positive inquiry? Visit her website at http://positivitystrategist.com.

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Tedi PascarellaTedi Pascarella is a content production intern on the TEDxNavesink team and a student at Monmouth University.

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