As TEDxNavesink 2015 fast approaches and the second, third, fourth, and even fifth versions of talks are being finalized, Jillian Pransky has some advice for the day of—relax. Jillian was a speaker at last year’s TEDxNavesink: Play, so she should know.

“The reason you are up there in the first place is because you do something that is actually an extension of you,” she said. “It is something you love. Something you are passionate about and believe in.”

Jillian advises TEDx speakers to remember they are sharing something that makes a difference and this attitude will shift things from giving a speech to sharing a passion.

Jillian, an international presenter, director of Restorative Therapeutic Yoga teacher training for YogaWorks, and founding director of Bright Spirit Yoga Trainings, discussed expanding love in our lives by looking inward during her talk “Mindplay to Expand Love in Your Life.”

“I truly loved the rush of stepping out and speaking with people,” she said. “Of pausing enough to feel the experience of speaking and sharing. It went from something I was concerned about achieving to something I lost myself in sharing.”

When first prepping her TEDxNavesink 2014 talk, Jillian wasn’t sure how best to contribute to the conference. She began to think about how a specific meditation technique, Metta, made a huge healing impact on her own life, and from that idea, her talk was born.

“It wasn’t until I began practicing the delivery of the presentation that I realized how much was invested in my ability to present an inspiring talk,” she said. “The more I practiced, the more I became interested in what it takes to craft a presentation.”

Jillian did a lot of writing, then recording herself talking. Then more writing and more recording. Repeat. Repeat. To get to the impactful point, Jillian says, you have to let go of parts you may love and feel add color to a talk, but may impede the overall message. Her advice is to stick to the most simple, basic, clear messages.

The audiences at TEDxNavesink: Play got an interactive experience with yoga and meditation from Jillian, and was inspired to look inward. But what did Jillian get from her talk? Well for one, having her talk in video form for people to refer to for years to come.

“I love that people can still learn about Metta from me in this way,” she said. “I get lots of emails from students and people who watched the video and said it instantly made an impact on how they could grow in a way they needed to. I love that it is another platform to share meditation outside the yoga room or blog space.”

And Jillian also left TEDxNavesink 2014 feeling as inspired as her audience.

“There is a real energy in the room that makes you feel excited about being alive, active and enthused,” she said. “You leave feeling inspired that we are surrounded by so many other people who want to live with purpose, mindfulness, and support each other.”

So what would Jillian’s talk be like if she were speaking at TEDxNavesink 2015: Accelerators?

“The truth is, inner work accelerates how we make better decisions out in the world, which moves us more clearly and quickly in a direction that is more nourishing and appropriate for ourselves” Jillian said. “I think I accelerated in everything I did when I was most aligned with my true passion, intention, and skills.”

Jillian wrote a blog about her experience preparing for and giving her TEDxNavesink talk. Check it out here!

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SEheadshot-croppedStephanie Eichmeyer is a content production and marketing specialist for the TEDxNavesink team. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in communication from Monmouth University. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has worked in journalism and PR for many years. 

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