I’ve been a ‘spectator’ in my life,” says Chris Powell “–interested in many things but never passionate about any one thing. To my mother’s great dismay and angst, I had no clear path: I stumbled through life reacting to things as they came to me. Last month – amazingly, I found myself stumbling toward the South Pole. For me, it made me realize that sometimes you find your passion – and sometimes it finds you.”

Chris is an accomplished tech industry executive, now serving as Chief Marketing Officer of Commvault, a $2.4B publicly traded software company headquartered in NJ. Chris graduated from Penn State University and is an avid (though self-described terrible) athlete – running, biking, and tackling triathlons. Perpetually seeking opportunities that can become great stories, Chris pushed himself to new limits in January 2018 by participating in the South Pole Energy Challenge expedition led by Robert Swan, the first person to walk unassisted to the North and South Poles. Never one to choose the ordinary path, Chris’ training included dragging a steel sled through his neighborhood and cryotherapy sessions; he has many new stories to tell.

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