As we look forward to our next season, we welcome input from our community. As a non-profit educator, TEDxAsburyPark is thankful for the goodwill we’ve received from our lineup of speakers and performers – almost all of whom have agreed to return for our Spring 2021 conference. Our contributors, who are also working from home, are using the time to build a better foundation so TEDxAsburyPark can run efficiently for another eight years. PLANNING BEGINS NOW FOR NEXT YEAR

  • So far, 22 of our 24 performers have agreed to return for our JOY lineup in Spring 2021. We expect our new conference dates to be announced by the end of May. Stay tuned.
  • We are starting to work on producing an expanded 2020-2021 season at Two River Theater, including 5-6 Salon events throughout the season, in addition to our all-day conference and idea festival.
  • We welcome your input to help us design our 2020-2021 season by taking a three-minute survey. All survey respondents will receive early-bird seat selections and a $5 ticket discount on conference tickets.

If you are not already a TEDxAsburyPark subscriber, consider subscribing now to receive our newsletters. We will provide 2020-2021 season updates, speaker interviews/podcasts, online events, and more ‘ideas worth sharing’. If you have questions or ideas to share, please contact us. Best wishes for your health and safety, Brian Smiga, TEDxAsburyPark Founder, and the TEDxAsburyPark team.

Photo Credit: Doug Dresher

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