This Saturday, May 19th, the TEDxAsburyPark team of dedicated volunteers showcase their efforts to educate and entertain Monmouth County. TEDxAsburyPark exhibits over 25 local speakers, entertainers, and artists with extraordinary insights to share in this year’s conference PASSION. The exceptional volunteers and sponsors who generously donate their support in various ways enhance and execute this all-day event that will take place on the Paramount Theatre stage.

Organizing a conference on the scale and of the quality of TEDxAsburyPark requires the support of 50+ volunteers and over thousands hours of hard work. Each member of the team has a specific role, in which they incorporate their profession, talents, and passion. Our “core team” leadership roles require higher level of full year of involvement with TEDxAsburyPark, where the commitment is few hours each week until mid-winter, and increases to 10-15 hours a week as the event approaches.

This week, we highlight a core team leader, Eric Wiener, the TEDxAsburyPark Director of Revenue/Information Technology on his lifelong passion for volunteerism.

After graduating Cornell University in 1982, Eric served as a Peace Corps Volunteer through 1985 in the tiny Pacific island nation of Samoa. Years later, Eric, and his wife, Mary founded an Information Technology consulting business that has constructed, integrated, and managed programs for prestigious clientele. He is an expert advisor to federally appointed Special Master and Plaintiff’s’ Counsel’s in several class-action lawsuits, and has published works on financial tables, exceeding in over 20 million copies. Eric describes the source of this passion, and his choice to volunteer for TEDxAsburyPark, to enhance the “greater good” in others and in the community. By watching the events unfold on the TEDxAsburyPark stage, “makes it all worthwhile, and all the hard work paid off,” explains Eric.

Eric believes that volunteering with TEDxAsburyPark and the community, is a way to inspire the importance of volunteerism, and be an ongoing role model to students, and his own children. TEDxAsburyPark embraces student involvement and supports major efforts to share ideas that are worth spreading. The conference launched a major educational initiatives outreach program, in which educator and student discounts are available. Pairs of tickets are available as donations for student and school fundraising activities and events. Reserve your seat before it’s sold out: BUY NOW.

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