Life begins where ego ends. And chaos is usually found in ego. The ego loves chaos and drama. But with one shot on this earth, and one chance in this body and mind, if we take the time to go BeyondEgo, a paradigm shift occurs. Taking ownership of self, and discovering accountability and personal responsibility is a journey that we can all consider for 2019, or better yet, for the day that we spend at TEDxAsburyPark CHAOS. When we own our mistakes and love them without defense, we become connected.

Welcome to the Kindness Innovation, inspired by the book The Kind Communicator.

If you’re looking for a chance to be whisked away by life to overcome chaos, here are some great tips. And if you’re ready for more, dive into the book The Kind Communicator for powerful analogies about discovering self through nature, sandcastles, rose gardens, flowers, bees, infinite horizons, water, and more. But for now,  here’s the short version:

4 Tips to Finding Kindness in the Chaos

  1.   It’s not about you. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Too often, we make everything about us. It’s a natural human tendency but the more awareness we achieve, the better we are at shaking things off and becoming one with moments, which ultimately takes any pressure or chaos off of our shoulders.
  2.   Speak your truth. We are told to speak our truth, but what happens when it’s not kind? That’s ok. Not every life moment will be kind, but discovering the art of the delivery, without emotion, with compassion and empathy, can make you a happier, healthier communicator.
  3.   Is chaos real? In our worst moments, faced with our darkest fears and shadiest of shadow selves, we can stop, breathe, and smile, realizing that the chaos we’re choosing to see is just a story or a mirage in our monkey minds. Breath is the answer to all life’s chaotic moments. It’s free and it saves every breakdown, bringing balance to light and putting chaos in the fake box.
  4.   Great leaders have wise chaos stories. When you become an influential person who knows how to build tribes, businesses, friends, and quality of life, you certainly have your fair share of chaos stories. No path to success has been straight. Chin up. Go through it all with a smile and recognize that clarity is found in compassion–and compassion is derived from kind communication.

Get out of your own way.


Elizabeth Barry


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