TEDxNavesink has started its search for the 2016 Makers event. We’re looking for society’s makers who are excited by ideas and want to share their own with the Jersey Shore community. The goal is to continue to bring thought-provoking talks and entertainment to the community, mixing local, national, and global themes and talent.

TEDxNavesink 2016 is centered around makers. And this focus couldn’t be more appropriate for the age we’re living in. Because really, we’re all makers. Our society was built on the backs of makers. Our world advanced because of makers. Our community is creating revolutionary ideas, products and services from the brains of makers. Makers are at the essence of creation

We make dinner. We make a living, and we’re homemakers. We make war, we make up, we make out, we make love, we make babies. We make choices. And sometimes we choose to make a difference: We’re revolutionaries who only see malleable things to be hacked, deconstructed and reconstructed into better things. We have wheels-on-luggage epiphanies, pitch the crowd for money and make the next big thing. We make the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see. We make robots to make things for us. We make software that itself learns to make things. We make things up — to make art, music, novels, movies. We’re in a revolution of making so vast we don’t notice it. Manufacturing has moved into our garages and living rooms. Do it yourself is an industry.

Does one of these describe what you do? Or maybe you have a different idea of what a maker is based on your passion. Apply to be a TEDxNavesink 2016: Makers speaker. We encourage submissions from people who are able to present tangible sensory evidence of their making whether as an artifact, display, enactment, performance, or a video, or evidence of implementation of their idea. Click here to apply!

Don’t want to speak but know someone who may be perfect? If you know someone you would like to nominate to be a speaker, click here. The deadline for applications is October 1, 2015.

“TEDxNavesink has been one of the most meaningful experiences I have enjoyed as a speaker,” said 2015 TEDxNavesink speaker Kaihan Krippendorff.

“TEDxNavesink speakers have benefitted in so many exciting ways,” said Donna Steinhorn, TEDxNavesink Chief Experience Officer. “Not just in the thousands of online views their talks receive, but also in the valuable connections and shared resources they have developed from the unique experience.”

TEDxNavesink 2016 will be held April 9, 2016 at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

About TEDxNavesink

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, live speakers combine with TEDTalks video to spark deep discussion and connection. The goal of TEDXNavesink is to bring world-leading TED talks to Monmouth County in an all-day live event that inspires us to learn and think about the future of our home on the shore.

Life is what you make it. Make your mark. Apply to speak at TEDxNavesink today.

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