Fall is in full swing, and somehow, October just flew by. Did you even get a chance to guzzle a drink for Oktoberfest?

Well, as the leaves change colors and we set our sights on Thanksgiving, here’s a look back at some fascinating New Jersey news from the past month.

Proof of Comet Impact Found at Jersey Shore

Think global warming is a new phenomenon? Well apparently it started at the Jersey Shore about 56 million years ago.

According to a paper published in Science Magazine, a comet may have slammed into the Earth at the Jersey Shore 10 million years after dinosaurs went extinct. The impact would have rapidly increased global temperatures and thrown off the planet’s carbon cycle.

The period of the comet strike is the last time temperatures rose rapidly due to CO2 levels, as they have today.

Researchers discovered tiny spherical specimens below the ocean off the Jersey coast, which is proof of a comet strike and rise of global temperatures.selfies

Lawmaker Trying to Protect Right for Ballot Selfies

That’s right Millennials, one politician is fighting for your right to Instagram your vote. Assemblyman Raj Mukherji has proposed a bill that would make taking selfies in the ballot box legal in New Jersey.

Mukherji says it’s a great way for people to show pride in taking part in democracy.

Federal judges have struck down bans on selfies in at least two states, and rules have changed in others. But in many states, taking a picture of your ballot still carries potential fines or jail terms.

A Guide to Garden State Hauntings

It’s Halloween, which means it’s time to feed your neighborhood ghosts and goblins with candy corn, or even visit a scream-worthy haunted house.

But that’s stuff for amateurs. How about real ghosts?

Well, NJ 101.5 FM gives you the most haunted spots in the Garden State for a real scare. Be on the look out for paranormal activity in these areas.

haunted nj

Turning Food Waste into Energy

New Jersey is one of the worst states in terms of renewable-energy generation. A new proposal is looking to change that in a unique way.

A proposed bill that’s moving through the legislature would require restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, and other establishments that produce considerable food waste to save the food scraps so they can be converted into renewable energy used to power homes, schools, and businesses statewide.

Establishments located within 25 miles of an authorized waste-to-energy facility could either ship their unused food or pay a fine.

There’s a lot of cool things about New Jersey, and one of them is TEDxNavesink, the largest independently organized TED conference on the East Coast. Want to be there to hear all the ideas worth spreading? Grab your tickets for the event today.

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