The holidays are about heartwarming stories, and what’s more tear-jerking than an owner being reunited with his long-lost pet? Well, how about families finally being reunited, thanks to a United flight?

Those are just a couple of interesting stories around New Jersey this month. Read them all below.

Florida Man’s Missing Dog Found in NJ…3 Years Later

Have you ever lost a pet? Even if it was just for a few hours, it can be heartbreaking.

Well, how about if it was three years? You probably would just give up. But in a Thanksgiving week miracle, Bill Gerstein, who’s Maltese-Pomeranian mix, Bella, went missing three years ago from his office in Delray Beach, Fla., was found in New Jersey of all places.

Bill said he received an email from the Paterson Animal shelter the Tuesday before Thanksgiving saying that Bella was found, thanks to her microchip implant.

Bill said a family in Jersey cared for the dog for about nine months before she ran away and wound up at the shelter.

But how did Bella get to New Jersey? That remains a mystery.


Now Boarding, United Flight to Havana

New Jersey has many Cuban residents, and many of them now have the opportunity to visit their homeland with a direct flight from Newark to Havana.

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, the first commercial flight from Newark to Cuba took off with about 150 passengers on board. Before boarding, they were greeted with a celebratory welcome at the gate that included salsa music and Cuban food.

The commercial flights to Cuba are part of President Obama’s efforts to normalize relations with the island nation, and comes just days after the death of former Cuban president Fidel Castro.

Newark is one of 10 cities picked for regular flights to the island.

Wildwood Coaster Getting a Facelift

If the Wildwood boardwalk is one of your summer destinations, then you’ll notice something new next summer… well, sort of.

The Great Nor’Easter roller coaster is getting a $5 million renovation. The coaster was built 21 years ago and will undergo improvements to make the ride a bit smoother.

The ride is being taken apart, whilst a Philadelphia junk removal company presumably removes all the waste, before getting updates to its frame and track when being rebuilt.

Declaw ban

Assembly Approves Declaw Ban

It’s a good month for pets in New Jersey. Dogs get reunited with owners and cats get to keep their claws.

A state Assembly committee approved a bill that deems declawing cats a criminal animal cruelty offense. The only exception would be for medical purposes. All other owners should instead look into finding the right clippers to keep those claws trimmed, as declawing is cruel.

If the bill is signed into law, New Jersey will be the first state to ban veterinarians from declawing cats. Those caught declawing a cat, and owners who seek to have a cat declawed, face up to $1,000 in fines or six months in jail. Your pets’ health and wellbeing is incredibly important, so anything you can do to make sure their health is not compromised in any way, is a necessity. This does not only include not declawing them, but their inner health too which may mean using specific vitamins, such as ultimate pet nutrition nutra thrive for cats, to keep them as healthy as possible so they can live a full and rich life.

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