TEDxAsburyPark Speakers: Past and Present

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Since 2013, TEDxAsburyPark has established itself as one of the largest and highest-rated TEDx conferences on the East Coast. Formerly known as TEDxNavesink, take a look at our speakers archive to explore the different talent present at each year’s event.

2021: JOY

In 2021, TEDxAsburyPark will return to Two River Theater and feature 20 talks, comics, entertainers, with ample opportunities for conversation and networking in an all day event which concludes with a catered reception. TEDxAsburyPark explores JOY in ideas – Delight, ecstasy, euphoria, glee, glory, happiness, mirth, paradise, pleasure, positivism, rapture, triumph, zeal.

2019: CHAOS

In its 7th year, TEDxAsburyPark featured 25 curated speakers, entertainers, and artists from around the world who shared their stories and ideas.

At TEDxAsburyPark 2019, we were thrilled to present CHAOS through an incredible lineup of speakers, dancers, comedians, scientists, musicians, dancers, and artists at our all-day event. Their talks, performances, and ideas were inspiring.


In its 6th year, TEDxAsburyPark featured more than 20 speakers, entertainers, and artists who came together to share their experiences with PASSION.

Passion drives ideas, people, and communities to action. Our talented speakers and performers took the stage to examine all aspects of the 2018 topic, including Running, Activism, Immigration, Age, Healthcare, Education, Travel, Feminism, Curiosity, and more.


As the first year in our transition from TEDxNavesink to TEDxAsburyPark, we thought, what better topic to discuss than IDENTITY?

For TEDxAsburyPark 2017, over 20 inspiring speakers took the stage to discuss how identity relates to America, Brain Science, Branding, Cyber, DNA, Education, Gender, Genomics, Intelligence, and Transhumanism. 

2016: MAKERS

TEDxNavesink 2016 focused on the theme of MAKERS. We make dinner. We make a living, and we’re homemakers. We make choices. And sometimes we choose to make a difference.

A variety of unique and interesting speakers and performers joined us to take on this topic in 2016 and explore the essence of creation as it relates to a variety of different topics that affect us all.


In 2015, TEDxNavesink focused on Accelerators. Accelerators are the people, teams, systems that produce surprising growth, speed, and progress.

More than 25 speakers and entertainers presented what being an accelerator meant to them at the 2015 talks. Topics surrounded culture, relationships, climate change, and more.

2014: PLAY

How can play change the pathways in our brain? Can playing make us more innovative? Can play help us solve problems? These questions and more were explored during our 2014 event.

More than 20 speakers touched on different areas of play, discovering and sharing how it is so much more than just for kids, and can help spark innovation.


In its first year, TEDxNavesink explored its roots with the topic of Shore Life. Also known as the “Next Wave,” more than a dozen speakers joined us at the inaugural event to share stories of love, laughter, and history of the Jersey Shore. Shortly after Hurricane Sandy, Shore Life marked the first of many years of events  to come, and paid tribute to the home of many of our speakers.

About TEDxAsburyPark

TEDxAsburyPark is the largest, highest-rated TEDx conference on the east coast.

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.